Exterior painting

tinteggiatura esterna casa

Exterior painting

Painting the outside walls of houses, warehouses or offices is the first thing others see of your property, it is a business card.
Sometimes all it takes is a small touch to improve a 'banal' shed, as in this one we did in Vicenza:

Tinteggiatura del capannone a Vicenza


Painting sheds

Painting the external walls of a warehouse seems easy, but it is an operation that must be managed intelligently. In these cases, the criteria for choosing the colour, apart from decorations, are ease of self-cleaning in the rain and the "right" colours so as not to see too much dirt, caused by the polluted rains to which we are now accustomed.
When we repainted our shed, we also used a product that met these requirements:

our shed: repainting

ritinteggiatura capannone


Exterior painting of houses

What about the house? Which colours to use? Which finishes? We have, in this case too, several solutions. 
Call us or visit us and together we will find the right finish for your house.

tinteggiatura pareti esterne Vicenza


Enamel painting of the sheet metal cladding of a shed

Painting exterior walls of a house in Vicenza

Vicenza: self-cleaning exterior painting of house

Exterior painting of a house in Chiampo (Vicenza)

Painting and tiling exterior walls of a bar